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Walmart expands Pudgy Toys collection to more stores


Walmart expands Pudgy Toys to 3,100 stores, capitalizing on the NFT craze.
Each toy includes a QR code for access to the Pudgy World digital platform.
Pudgy Penguins NFT owners earn royalties through OverpassIP integration.

Walmart, the retail giant, continues to make waves in the world of collectibles by expanding its offering of the Pudgy Toys series, inspired by the popular Pudgy Penguins NFT collection.

With an additional 1,100 stores now stocking these unique toys, the total number of Walmart locations selling Pudgy Toys has reached an impressive 3,100 across the United States. Priced between $2.99 and $11.97, these toys cater to both collectors and enthusiasts alike, offering a range of options including Lil Pudgys Igloo Collectibles and Action Figures.

What sets Pudgy Toys apart is their integration of blockchain technology, with each toy featuring a QR code that unlocks access to the digital platform Pudgy World where users can immerse themselves in a multiplayer environment, creating their own Forever Pudgy characters and engaging in various interactive experiences.

Increasing interest in Pudgy Toys

Pudgy Toys, initially launched in September at Walmart stores nationwide, have seen continued success and demand among consumers.

CEO Luca Netz of Pudgy Penguins commented on this expansion, noting the enduring appeal of the Pudgy Penguins characters. Each toy not only provides a physical play experience but also grants access to Pudgy World, further enhancing the value proposition for consumers.

The Pudgy Penguins NFT collection stands out for its innovative blend of physical toys and NFT technology. All Pudgy Toys products draw inspiration from the Pudgy Penguins NFT collection, a series of 8,888 cartoon penguins launched in 2021, the same year that Walmart partnered with Coinstar for a Bitcoin ATM pilot program.

Notably, Pudgy Penguins NFT owners who license their parts for use in Pudgy Toys receive royalties through the OverpassIP NFT licensing platform. This integration of physical and digital realms underscores the brand’s commitment to leveraging blockchain technology to create immersive experiences for its audience.

Additionally, the availability of Pudgy Toys on e-commerce platforms like Amazon further extends the brand’s reach and accessibility to consumers beyond the confines of physical retail locations.

By expanding its Pudgy Toys collection to more Walmart stores, the brand continues to capitalize on the growing interest in NFTs and blockchain technology, offering consumers unique and engaging experiences that bridge the gap between physical and digital realms.

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